Professional Certificate in Hospitality Management

Category : Hospitality

   USD $500    

Course Description

The Professional Certificate in Hospitality Management is ideal for anyone looking to be a part of not just the hospitality sector but any customer service providing industry. The scope of Hospitality includes but not limited to: Lodging and accommodation, Foods and drink service, event planning and management, transport and logistics service, travel and tourism, shopping and luxury service, cruise, spas, and wellness service. Hospitality staff are ambassadors of discipline and courteous behavior. It is for this reason that hospitality professionals are sought after across various industries. The course helps you quickly learn core traits you need to strive and survive in the hospitality industry like handling guest complaints, providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction along with core concepts of Hospitality and Service, Hotel Operations and inter-departmental functions.

  • Type: Online Course
  • Award: Certificate
  • Language: English
  • Mode: 100% Online
  • Access: Open To Everyone

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